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csxTraining emergency responders and law enforcement agencies along our nation's railroad is the purpose of our Foundation. We supply the necessary training tools to the railroads and chemical industry, so they can provide realistic training for firefighters and police agencies. Whether it's an incident involving a railroad tank car or an attack on a passenger train, the Foundation owns and operates the necessary training tools.

Since the dedication of our first "Safety Train, "which included a classroom built in a box car and three different tank cars, the Foundation has continued to expand its equipment and focus on training. After the terrorist attacks on the passenger trains in Europe, the Foundation and CSX Transportation developed the only "Swat Train" in the world. The nine car "Swat Train" has been used to teach over one hundred police agencies around the country on how to "Safely" respond to railroad security incidents.

Dow Chemical Company, one of the largest chemical companies in the world, demonstrated its commitment to training emergency responders who might respond to a chemical incident involving a rail tank car, by joining the Foundation in 2008.

The Firefighters Education and Training Foundation is committed to continually designing and building the finest railroad training tools in the industry.

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